HP Ink Tank 118 Driver Download

HP Ink Tank 118 Driver DownloadHP Ink Tank 118 Driver Download – In addition to laptops, HP is also known for its printers, such as the HP Ink Tank 415 that we tested earlier, and proved to be a good wireless printing solution for the home or office. This time, I will review your newest printer within the budget segment called Ink Tank 115. Read on to learn about their capabilities.

HP Ink Tank 118 Driver Download

For anyone who has not read my quick review on the ink tank 415 and is wondering what an ink tank printer is, let me explain it again. The inkjet printers, which we usually see, have two rechargeable ink cartridges, one for black and another for color (cyan, Magenta and yellow in total), but the ink tanks have four individual rechargeable tanks for all inks mentioned above.

As with the 415 ink tank, the 115 ink tank comes with a complete set of ready-to-use ink bottles, manuals, AC/DC cable, B-type USB cable and two print heads for black and color.

Now let’s talk about the printer itself. The 115 ink tank has a similar design to the 415 ink tank, but one main difference is that it does not have a scanner. It has two ports, one for AC/DC power input and the other is a B-type USB port for PC connections.

The 115 ink tank has simple features because it is just a printer. There are only three buttons to turn on, resume printing and cancel printing. The first allows you to turn the printer on or off, while the Resume Print button allows you to continue the printing process after it is interrupted. The last button stops the current print operation.

There are a total of five LED lights on the Ink Tank 115, the first is the power button logo, the following is the color print head light that notifies the person if there are problems with the color print head. The same applies to the black light on the printhead next to it, while the warning light indicates a warning or alert on your printer. The last is the LED light on the Resume button indicating that you must press the Resume button to continue printing.

As with the 415 ink tank, filling the ink tank of the 115 is easy even if you’re just a beginner. An instruction manual is included in the package on how to properly place inks on each tank. One good thing about ink bottles is that it has a spill-free system to avoid those messy accidents. The only time you could have spilled ink on your hands is when you try to open the seal in the ink bottles because that’s what happened to me, haha.

Now is the time for printer performance and quality! Connecting the printer to your PC will allow you to install the HP Smart application. After installation, you can now print and check if you have put your inks and printheads correctly.

In general, it takes 1 minute and 9 seconds to finish the color printing, while in only 42 seconds a black and white print is completed. This is relatively faster than with the printing speed of the InkTank 415.

The printing quality is excellent and detailed, but what I like about Ink Tank printers is that they print with the minimum possible noise. It is a great advantage for the configuration of an office, since the printing process is not distracting. This printer is also lightweight, which means it can be transported even with a single arm without sweating.

If you are looking for a good quality basic printer that does not break the bank, then the HP Ink Tank 115 is right for you. It costs PHP 4,990, but if you want a printer with a scanner, then the Ink Tank 415 is the one you need to get.

HP Ink Tank 118 Driver Download

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