Epson L850 Review Canada

Epson L850 Review Canada – Epson L850, an Epson ink-based Printer with a tank system has been a lot of requests since the first variant came out, the request came between people and offices who wanted to keep the cost of printing with a minimum. Why dump the shell cartridge? The tank can be refilled if needed. And you should continue to use printer ink at any time or at least once a day to keep it in good condition.

Epson L850 Review Canada

The Epson L850 is one of those printer devices with an ink tank system specifically created for printing photos. However this printer does not have network capability and is not very fast in printing. But it is meant to print high-quality photos and save different costs with other inkjet printers.

Epson L850 Design

Epson L850 takes the best design aspects of both L810 and L550. In the form of the same basketball box, it has a tank on the right; The feeder tray is pulled behind the scanner and Control panel in front. It is slightly wider than the A4 laser printer, but smaller in height. The ink tank takes some extra space on the right. And they are a bit loose for a printer so you need to be careful when moving those printers.

Epson L850

The control Panel that seemed to float in the front which was the old concept is now reformed with greater, a colorful screen showing icons and text. It has no touchscreen, but has a dozen “touch” buttons scattered around to operate the printer. The buttons are quite spacious, and they are easily visible through contrasting black and white colors and are quite responsive, which makes them pleasant enough to use. But they do not have a backlit, if you plan to use it in a dark room.

Epson L850 Setup

The manual book is quite clear in explaining how you need to get the bottles ready to pour the ink into the tank. Once done you can connect to the power outlet and change it from the OFF position to the ON position. After the initial check, the printer will be ready to print.

Unfortunately, there is no Wireless facility on the printer, so setting it up is limited enough only the installation of the driver on your computer and connecting the printer to its USB port. The same Port is present under the scanner assembly, so you will place the wire around the left edge and exit the left corner. This printer only takes about 12W in mode when it is working which is only a fraction of what the laser printer needs (over 350W) when it works.

Armed with an intuitive Interface and several ports in front, the Epson L850 can work without a computer. Because this Printer has USB ports, SD and Memory Stick card slot Pro; That supports SD mini cards, MagicGate Memory sticks, and other types of memory. But the test mode is less supported by the features in handling more or less image files like in a computer.

Once the memory card is connected to the printer, it will count the number of photos present and will return to the previous work screen. From the Home menu, selecting the ‘ Print photos ‘ option will show you a number of options to view/print all of your photos, specify the layout of the page (on pages half, 2 on the page, 4 on the page, etc.). In the internal menu, you can specify the print settings for quality, page size, unlimited priniting or automatically enhance photos from customized photos in the menu. The advanced mode allows you to correct the red eye, apply the B & W/Sepia Filter and change the contrast, saturation and sharpness of the photo. Among the file handling features there is a data Backup option capable of transferring all the memory card images to a pen drive or USB Flasdisk.

Epson L850 Scan and copy

This Printer has a size Letter flatbed scanner, able to scan documents at 1,200 dots per inch directly to a PC, or a memory card/pen drive. Needless to say that the 1200dpi resolution is like a scan of a ceiling that even small office printers seldom touch on it. A photograph that comes out either at 300 or 600 dpi max, so it’s not usually needed. Unless you need to subtly edit it in Photoshop. Epson L850 can also scan documents in JPEG or PDF.

This Printer has a Copy setting that can also be adjusted for printing photos. In the base menu, contrast, number of copies and B & W/Color options can be created. Further in the Settings menu, there is an option in restoring/specifying the color on the old photo or copying the CD cover to a CD with the full instructions of the photo/CD feature in place of the scanner to place the disk into the printer.

Epson L850 Print Quality

Epson L850 uses the same 6-ink system to create the right tone of color for photo prints. In the best quality mode, this printer is capable of delivering stunning photo prints. Epson inks are dye-based inks and this is the other reason why the mold is screaming for a spirit of color. Dye-based inks are water-soluble and are more likely to smear (vs. pigment-based inks) and they make the colors brighter.

Any printer that uses 6 ink systems is able to pose high hopes when talking about quality. 5 Types of colors can produce good image quality compared to 3, so the setup used in this photo printer is capable of producing images of professional quality such as Epson Surelab. Two magenta light and extra cyan light help the photo in getting rid of the halftoning-phenomenon where the printer uses less ink drops to make brighter results; That does not have the same effect when using a color lighter than it itself, especially noticeable when many tones are slightly similar and need to be engraved in the area.

Epson L850 Ink Refills

Refill ink for Epson L850 can be purchased online or from the Epson store. One vial contains 70ml of ink and complies with ISO/IEC standards where Epson claims to be able to produce 3000 prints per bottle of black ink and 5400 per color. The print results will vary greatly on print habits but by comparing the same standard numbers as other printers, this printer does not exceed 1,500 prints. Plus we can’t find the ink level falling below a quarter after printing hundreds of test pages.

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