Canon ImageClass LBP6030 Driver Download

Canon ImageClass LBP6030 Driver Download – The Canon imageClass LBP6030w laser Printer ($159) is in the same broad category of personal monochrome laser as the Canon imageClass LPB6200d. However, it offers a different mix of features. These include lower paper capacity, slower speed and no duplex (for double-sided printing). On the plus side, it adds Wi-Fi and is smaller, so it takes up less space on the desktop. Either of the two printers can be a good fit, depending on your needs.

Canon ImageClass LBP6030 Driver Download

The most obvious competition of LBP6030w is not limited to Canon’s own printers. The price of Samsung Xpress M2625DBest at Amazon, which is our choice of publishers for personal monochrome lasers, has a lower price and slower speed. In addition, LBP6030w’s wireless internet capability makes it a potential option as a lightweight shared printer in a micro office. That puts him in competition with the price of Samsung Xpress M2825DWBest at Amazon, our choice of publishers for shared micro-office printers at affordable prices.

Compared to the two Samsung models, as well as the Canon LPB6200d, the LBP6030w offers significantly lower paper handling capacity, with a capacity of 150 sheets instead of 250 sheets, and the double-sided printing unit is not available. , even as an option. That’s enough for most personal printers, but if you’re thinking of using it as a shared printer, it’s a little bit meager, even for the micro-office standards. That said, if your office prints less than about 30 pages per day on average, it should be enough.

Also keep in mind that the low paper capacity of the LBP6030w is a key reason for its small size. With only 7.8 per 14.3 for 9.8 inches (HWD), it will take up less space on your desktop than most inkjet printers.

Configuration, speed and output quality
For my tests, I installed the LBP6030w driver on a system running Windows Vista. The configuration, using a USB connection, was a standard rate.

Canon classifies the printer at 19 pages per minute (ppm), which is the speed you should see for text documents or other files that require little or no processing. In our suite of business applications (using hardware and software QualityLogic for synchronization), the printer reached 10.1 ppm, which makes it essentially linked to both the Samsung M2625D and the Samsung M2825DW. It is also a little slower than the speed of 11.1 ppm for the Canon LPB6200d in its default duplex mode, and is significantly slower than the 14.5 ppm that measured for the Canon LPB6200d in simplex mode.

The output quality of the LBP6030w is slightly lower than the level of the text and at the lower end of what is typical of the category for graphics and photos. Fortunately, even the worst output of monochrome laser text is pretty good on an absolute scale. That makes the text of the LBP6030w good enough for almost any commercial need. However, most people would not consider it good enough for desktop publishing applications.

For graphics, being at the lower end of what is typical of personal monochrome lasers translates into being good enough for any internal business need. Depending on how perfectionist you are, you can also consider that it is good enough for PowerPoint brochures. The photo output is easily suitable for printing recognizable images of web pages and the like, with general photos about the same quality as a black and white photo in a newspaper.

One last problem that requires mention is the cost of operating the printer, at 4.4 cents per page. In comparison, the cost of operating the Samsung 2625D and Samsung M2825DW is only 3 cents per page. Therefore, unless you find the LBP6030w at a particularly good price, it is likely that the purchase will be more expensive than any of the editors ‘ Choice printers and that their use also costs more.

Based strictly on total cost of ownership and capacity, there are few reasons to choose the Canon imageClass LBP6030w on any of the Samsung models, with its higher paper capabilities and double-sided printing capability. If you want to connect via a USB cable, the Samsung 2625D is a much better value. And to connect to a network, the Samsung 2825D offers Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi. At the end of the day, the small size of the Canon imageClass LBP6030w can be attractive. If your printing needs are clearly light, and you don’t want to lose a lot of space on the desk, that makes it a reasonable option, if not a particularly attractive one.

A laser printer is a full-featured printer that can print in large quantities as a copier. Previously, laser printers were only used for offices, but recently laser printers have emerged for home use at a more affordable price.

Large laser printers that require a large place to put them. Operating and maintenance costs are also affordable, so many use long-term laser printers. The laser printer can be configured to print in color or monochrome mode. But its ability to print colors is a little less good.

Download/install Procedures

Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
Double click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then the installation will start automatically
Before installation, you must examine the used specification tool consisting of the type of printer and also the operating system that is used on your computer and notebook computer. If you have any type of queries, problems as well as suggestions.

Canon ImageClass LBP6030 Driver Download

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