Brother HL-2230 Driver Download

Brother HL-2230 Driver DownloadBrother HL-2230 Driver Download – After approximately 2 weeks in several test pages, I’ve been looking for a new printer and I have compared very high prices, costs of monitoring, toner, etc., I noticed the Brother HL-2030. For the affordable price of 109,-Euro and not to complain. So I ordered on Friday. The next Tuesday was already there, including the new toner to be ordered (shipping includes toner for approximately 1500 pages!). I just wanted to have something in reserve.

Brother HL-2230 Driver Download

I desempaqué this Brother HL-2230, configured it and configured the operating instructions. In this case, it is very important, because you can still do not connect the USB cable. The decor was very simple. Who does not believe it is your fault. Everything went well. First test print looked very good. Once everything was installed, I printed out some sample pages. For a laser in this incredibly good price range. There is no fog of toner in the letters and graphics are also very good. Everything at 600 dpi resolution.

Go to the costs of monitoring. The new toner costs about 45-50 euros and is sufficient for about 2000-2500 pages. That is good at average drum has about 12000 pages. In comparison with other manufacturers of the midfield, although, of course, have to come first. At a price of around 70, – € for the drum should be after 12000 pages, perhaps consider a new printer to buy. He returns with the Startertoner and is, as I said, completely new. I think that prices will also adapt a bit here. But for my use (applications, letters, smaller graphics) should hold the drum up to 2-3 years. In addition, it must be said that the company. Brother compared to all manufacturers of a warranty for 3 years in Germany. Fabulous for this price range! It is a good thing if a manufacturer of your product is convinced. Compare HP-only with a one year warranty. I will never understand that prices of entrance from 300.

This volume and the undulation of the paper would be added. The following: A laser printer is louder than a lamp of inkjet. If you can not handle it, better leave your mark. When you print, the Brother reached a volume of approximately 45-50db. High quality printers cannot do it better. After printing, the printer fan only listen. Comparable with a high quality PC Netzteil. When that is still bothering you, who can operate the separate switch and not listen to nothing else. In addition, I have to say that this fan, of course, after a certain amount of cooling for 5 minutes. shuts down only

The undulation of the role: I don’t know a printer laser which does rolling impressions. For physical reasons, the moisture in paper is vaporized during printing (stop hot laser). This will make it a little wavy. But how much longer is the paper improves. I print with paper of 80 g of a well-known manufacturer. It is also sufficient for applications.

Here, the choice of the role is decisive for the quality of the paper after printing. So you must not look at 50 cents. However, you can reach a good quality for returning home even with cheap paper.
In conclusion, I can say a lot:

-Cheap laser level of entry with a decent print even with graphics quality
-3 years warranty!
-Clear follow-up costs (was tired of constantly seeking cheap cartridges).
-Pressure fast

The USB cable that is missing is an inconvenience, but I have not seen any manufacturer that connect a USB cable. Then, who can live with prints in black and white? I can only recommend this printer to buy. My personal performance winner! Here you can, without hesitation, 5 star for this brother HL-2230!

Brother HL-2230 Driver Download

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